About Kim

Need someone who’s a utility player? I can do that. Living a mobile lifestyle means I’ve had a bunch
of unusual opportunities, and have been part of a lot of projects. My experience reflects this variety!

A quick overview: I used to write court reports and social histories, and turn mountains of legalese into instructions normal people could understand and follow. I’ve produced advertising copy, written publicity materials, and developed menus. I designed workshops for a navy contractor, handled the correspondence, document creation and procedures at a busy estate planning law firm, and, on occasion, designed logos and penned slogans. Lesson plans for special education classes? Yup, I’ve done that too. Political blogging, food writing and short stories? You bet. When fun opportunities have presented themselves, I’ve written feature articles, and I’ve been pleased to donate stories, calls to action and position pieces to charities and political organizations. I’ve developed recipes, too! If all of that isn’t varied enough, I was also the all-around, cheap, available and willing writer for my busy restaurant in Fredericksburg, Virginia.

You can see more of my work at my blog, Obscure Ingredients and Orbits Online Eatery.